Prototype Options
Engineering Option
(6 days)
Prototype Option
(6 days)
4 Layers
(8 days)
Production Capability
1 - 8 Layers
(quoted individually)
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Production Capabilities
All Production quantities must be quoted upon individually.
Material FR4
Thickness 0.031", 0.062", 0.093", 0.125"
Layer Counts 1 to 8 layers
Line Width 6 mil outer, 10 mil inner
Air Gaps 6 mil outer, 10 mil inner
Max. Size 14" x 20" nominal
Smallest Hole 0.015" nominal
Plating Finish 1 oz copper (2oz, 3oz available with appropriate geometry)
Solder Mask LPI
Silkscreen Non-conductive permanent ink. White or yellow.
E Test Net list available upon request
Restrictions In by 9 am out by 5 pm Next Day
Fab CNC route with 0.093" router bit (standard)
For quotations please E-mail your gerber, drill and readme files to