Prototype Options
Engineering Option
(6 days)
Prototype Option
(6 days)
4 Layers
(8 days)
Production Capability
1 - 8 Layers
(quoted individually)
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6 Day Engineering Service $150.00 (plus shipping )
2 pcs 5" x 9" FR4, 1oz, tin/lead, no silkscreen or solder mask
Wait two more days and we will include white silkscreen on one side and both sides green LPI solder mask FREE.
We require the following for Dyco's quick-turn prototype service:
3 Easy Steps
1: Read the following capabilities and guidelines.
2: E-mail gerber RS274X photo plots, one per board layer. Please include Excellon drill files.
3: Add your company name, address, phone/fax numbers, billing instruction, FedEx account # and required board files to :
If there are options your require please put in a read me file. We will contact you if there are extra charges.
Area 2 (5" x 9")
Material FR4, 0.062"
Plating 1 oz CU Finish
Finish Solder Reflowed
Trace Width/Space 10/10 Mils
Solder Mask No Mask - 3 Day Delivery
Mask (Green) - 5 Day Delivery
Silkscreen No Silkscreen - 3 Day Delivery
White (1 side) - 5 Day Delivery
CNC Fab 4 Point CNC
Tolerances Drill +/- 0.003"  CNC fab +/- 0.010"
Criteria Industrial Acceptability Per IPC-A-600
E Testing N/A
Restrictions Max 8 Tool Sizes, No Slots
Delivery 3 -5 Days

2:4 Leading zero suppression
Embedded aperture (RS274X)
No aperture larger then 1"

Individual photo plot layers:
Layer 1 silk
Layer 2 component
Layer 3 solder
Layer 4 component side solder mask
Layer 5 solder side solder mask

2,3 Trailing zero suppression
Max 8 drills
We will adjust drill size for plating