Prototype Options
Engineering Option
(6 days)
Prototype Option
(6 days)
4 Layers
(8 days)
Production Capability
1 - 8 Layers
(quoted individually)
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8 Day 4 Layers $600.00 (plus shipping )
We require the following for Dyco's quick-turn prototype service:
3 Easy Steps:
1: Read the following capabilities and guidelines.
2: E-mail gerber RS274X photo plots, one per board layer. Please include Excellon drill files.
3: Add your company name, address, phone/fax numbers, billing instruction, FedEx account # and required board files to :
If there are options your require please put in a read me file. We will contact you if there are extra charges.
Area 100 sq. inches
Material FR4, 0.062"
Plating 1 oz CU Finish
Finish HASL
Trace Width/Space 7/7 Mils
Solder Mask 2 Sides Mask (LPI) Green, Blue,
Black, Red, White
Silkscreen 1or 2 Sides - White or Yellow
CNC Fab Mechanical Specifications
E Testing Included
Delivery 8 Days